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Growth at DIALux

In November 2023, we announced for the first time that we would be fundamentally adapting the DIALux business model with effect from 1 March 2024. Our stated aim was to increase the value of DIALux membership and establish a clear distinction between members and non-members in DIALux. The improvement of our membership model should reach manufacturers and markets that were previously unable to benefit from DIALux. And give our users more choice of brands and products, also regionally.

Over 200 new DIALux members in just six months

Today, six months later, we are very happy to say that we have achieved these goals. We are delighted to welcome over 200 new DIALux members to our circle to date. An incredible growth that helps us to position DIALux evo for the future, especially for lighting planners, designers and engineers who can realise their ideas with contemporary workflows and technologies. And who prefer to use the products and solutions of our DIALux members.

Success in new markets: 20 new manufacturers in Brazil

In addition to numerous new members from Europe and Asia, we are very pleased that we have been able to develop new markets for us through the introduction of Bronze membership. We have had a strong user community in Brazil for years, but previously had no regional manufacturer as a DIALux member. Since January 2024, 20 manufacturers have now joined as DIALux Members, making their products available for planning on a regional basis.


Focus on further developments for DIALux members

As a DIALux Member, your needs naturally remain at the centre of the further development of DIALux evo. The Business Portal, which you can use to view your usage statistics, is being continuously optimised. The lead generation functionality, i.e. the possibility for DIALux users to contact you directly, has been extensively revised.

Of course, we are also continuously improving the benefits of DIALux evo as a planning tool for your customers. Two innovations in particular are worth emphasising:

  • The comprehensive revision and improvement of the BIM interface
  • The implementation of the standards for outdoor lighting

You can find out more details in this article.

We look forward to receiving any feedback from you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us online or in person. As in previous years, we will once again be inviting you to a DIALux Conference in autumn/winter 2024. There we will talk in detail about past and future developments.

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