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Obtrusive light and Open BIM in the focus of development


DIALux evo is the global standard for lighting calculation and we are working to expand this position. We want to provide a tool that enables lighting planners, designers and engineers to do their work better, faster and more collaboratively with our DIALux Member products. We are currently focusing on the following points.

Calculation and assessment of light immissions

The DIALux team is working intensively on implementing the calculation of light pollution and glare assessment for outdoor spaces in DIALux evo (in accordance with EN 12464-2, CIE 150). Topics such as light pollution, biodiversity and night landscapes are becoming an integral part of the agenda for planning tasks in outdoor areas and are therefore also the focus of outdoor lighting providers. We will soon be making these functions available to all planners with the free version of DIALux evo. A beta phase is currently being launched with a small group of experts to test the functions in practice.

Lighting design in the Open BIM workflow with IFC

Since the beginning of development, DIALux evo has been based on the idea of being able to depict complete buildings with interaction to the outside space, and no longer just individual, exemplary rooms. DIALux follows the Open BIM approach and has offered a completely revised IFC import and export since the last major version. The DIALux team is now working on making the import of complex models faster and more reliable and providing better support for IFC spaces.

Cooperation with Graphisoft DDScad

In cooperation with Graphisoft DDScad, the DIALux team is developing an interface for the real-time exchange of model information between DIALux and DDScad, based on the IFC format. DDScad is used in the planning of TGA/MEP systems and, as part of the Nemetschek Group, also pursues an Open BIM approach.

Exchange with planners and experts

A contemporary lighting design process evolves with the technical possibilities. In addition to the intensive exchange in the ZVEI and buildingSMART, direct exchange with planners is important to us in order to recognize how they work, what challenges they face and what requirements they place on DIALux.

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