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We integrate your entire product range into DIALux

Imagine your product seamlessly integrated into the lighting design process, leaving a lasting impression at every step. Your product presentation becomes an integral part of the creative journey, setting the stage for a truly immersive experience that resonates with users.

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Luminaire catalogue

Your entire product range in one catalogue

Your customers easily discover the perfect lighting for their project using filters and diverse selection options, ensuring quick and precise decisions. Make it effortless for your customers to find the ideal product – with your luminaire catalogue!

Product presentation

Showcase your products in the best possible way

We represent your luminaires as realistically as possible and provide users with all the information they need about your products. Product information is obtained from verified sources and presented in ULD/GLDF formats to prevent manipulation. This gives the designer secure data for accurate and reliable lighting design.

Product information

All information such as ordering information, electrical specifications, geometric data, etc. in one place

Marketing information

Descriptive text and product images complete the presentation and information content of your luminaires

3D model

Your luminaires are realistically visualised with a detailed 3D model, including joints

Light distribution

Light intensity is indicated in the different directions in which the luminaire emits light

Mounting Type

Your luminaires automatically find the right position as user places them. Easy to use drag'n'drop

Colour channels

You provide all the information that are important for planning according to Human Centric Lighting

Product data sheets

All important product information at a glance

Set unique marketing accents by adding images, appealing descriptions and valuable tender information to your luminaires. Go one step further and provide comprehensive photometric data, including light distribution and spectral representations.

Product access

Your products easily accessible in the DIALux ecosystem and on your website

Lighting designers use your DIALux Luminaire Catalogue or the DIALux Luminaire Finder to select your products. A third option is to make your DIALux data (ULD/GLDF) available on your website. Your products can be fully described in terms of their formal, technical and lighting characteristics. The planner downloads the DIALux data of a specific product from your website and integrates it effortlessly into DIALux evo with a simple drag and drop. Quickly found, seamlessly integrated.

Your benefits

Whole product range

Users can access your entire product portfolio and plan with your luminaires 365 days a year.

Product information

Provide your users with all the important information they need for perfect planning with your luminaires.

Easy access

Whether on your website or directly in DIALux evo, users have direct access to your luminaires.

Let`s work together

Select a service and we will get back to you as soon as possible – free of charge and without obligation.

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