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Additional Services

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure comfort and easy handling to make your life easier. Explore our exclusive range of supplementary benefits.


Can users calculate a lighting system on my website?

We integrate FastCalc for the quick calculation of a simple lighting system (one room) on your website – according to your corporate design. The user can rate and compare your luminaires. The calculation is done on our server and the input and results are displayed on your website.

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IFC Service

How can I generate files for the BIM process?

We take care of it: we generate your IFC file from relevant information about your luminaire. This includes the model, photometrics, mounting type, weight and marketing information. The data can be stored in our data management system (DMS) or in your system.

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ULD Service

How do I get all the important luminaire data into one file?

With the ULD service, your product data can be immediately generated as ULD files. The ULD format is a proprietary format used by DIALux. It contains all important product information in one file: Product and marketing information, photometric data and 3d models.

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Photometry Service

How can I get technical documentation, including diagrams, for my luminaires?

We provide an interface that automatically generates your diagrams – based on your photometric data, with no extra effort on your part. Providing technical product information to your customers has never been easier.

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How can I serve all software platforms with a single product file?

GLDF stands for Global Lighting Data Format. It is not a new photometric format, but an XML structure that fully describes luminaires and sensors in the BIM process. You no longer need product data in different file formats (e.g. ULD, IFC, RFA, DWG), just GLDF.

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