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Meeting the needs of lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers – let us simplify the lighting industry

Welcome to DIAL – We are based in Lüdenscheid, the city of light and also have offices in America, Asia and Italy. Since 1989 we have been working in the field of lighting design and building automation. More than 80 people at DIAL are passionate about simplifying the work of lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers.

With DIALux, we offer a comprehensive ecosystem with DIALux evo at the centre

For lighting professionals, we provide the tools, resources, and community they need to excel in their field. Our focus is on the development of DIALux evo, the world's leading lighting design software, which is available for free in 26 languages.

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We provide useful tools with the DIALux Luminaire Finder and DIALux Services

In addition to DIALux evo, we offer the DIALux Luminaire Finder. A tool that helps users find the right product from a wide selection of high quality luminaires, and DIALux Services, a platform for lighting designers to network, showcase their expertise and seek support.

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We connect lighting professionals in the DIALux Community

The place where users can interact with our staff and other lighting designers. They can get support, share their lighting design projects, discuss new trends and learn from other lighting professionals.

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With all of this we provide a significant value to luminaire manufacturers through DIALux Business

With access to the right audience and the right tools, we offer an all-in-one marketing tool. Lighting manufacturers benefit from a consistent presentation of their brand across the entire DIALux ecosystem. We integrate the product range into DIALux evo, where it remains active 365 days a year. Display areas reach potential customers in the right place, and our Business Insights provide valuable marketing analysis with enlightening insights.

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We measure luminaires and lamps for lighting manufacturers

We also operate a photometric laboratory where we measure luminaires and lamps for lighting manufacturers, confirm their lighting competence and determine all photometric quantities.

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In our Academy, we offer training programmes for lighting design and lighting control as well as DIALux evo

In addition to DIALux, we provide step-by-step tutorials, seminars, and online courses, where participants learn about optimal lighting design, intelligent building control and the use of DIALux evo.

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