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We increase the value of your membership

We have decided to make a fundamental change to our business model, which will bring significant benefits to our members. Starting in Q1 2024, DIALux will only showcase products exclusively from DIALux Members. This strategy is geared towards providing more value to our members and distinguishing between Members and Non-Members within DIALux.
Currently, 170 luminaire manufacturers have chosen to join DIALux as members. This confers substantial benefits to DIALux Members – in relation to product presentation within DIALux and communication with DIALux users compared to Non-Members.

Non-Member products are only accessible to users with a license

For Non-Member products, a license purchase is required to access and utilize them within DIALux evo. This significant update will apply to all versions of DIALux, even the older ones. Users can work with the DIALux Pro version, which includes this and other valuable features or they can buy a single license named "Unlock Non-Members" that applies solely to their lighting designs.

New Bronze membership for regional markets

Furthermore, we are introducing new options for Non-Members to make their products available in DIALux through a Bronze Membership. We have introduced it to allow the maximum number of luminaire manufacturers to join DIALux at a reasonable and affordable price. This membership offers benefits such as displaying the logo and brand name, providing photometric files, and access to regional markets (Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.). However, certain features like an online catalogue, advertisement and lead generation, business intelligence, and a DIALux Brand page are not included in this membership. The pricing starts from 2.500 Euro. More information is available here.

However, the optimal alternative remains the Gold and Silver Membership in DIALux, as it provides an array of marketing prospects to target products effectively. All information about these benefits can be found here.

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